Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Emergency supplies bag

patchwork and quiltingOn Saturday evening my sister came and joined me for some serious quilting. Sigh... only Anna got some serious quilting in, mine went pear shaped (just to continue on from smashing the shower I guess). But we did enjoy yummy takeaways from our local indian restaurant.

Anyway Anna quilted heaps of her quilt. I was finding it hard to get into it so I decided to make a zip pouch from left overs. I had a little bit of left over laminate that I decided would make good lining, so I made an "emergency" bag. (great for presents for someone going away for the first time, putting in sunscreen, toothbrush and maybe some chocolate) Using a sleeve off a linen shirt and a wee scrap of green from when I made some toy dinosaurs. I was thrilled with the result but it was a bit tall. So I thought with the scraps of the scraps I would make a better proportioned one. Hmmph. It took me two hours!!! I unpicked more than I sewed. I put panels sideways, I sewed the zip inside out - basically everything that could go wrong did. But I am happy to have to presents ready to go when I hear of a need.
The inside of number two.

Today in the Mall I bought some Lush products to put into said bags (they may become emergency treat bags I think).
The inside laminate on number one
Anna quilting madly

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  1. they look great! I love how you just 'whipped' them up :)

  2. I love the idea of emergency treat bags. And the really jolly linings.

  3. Love it that you put art into emergency supplies!

  4. What a lovely gift and so great that you could use up some scraps and make something so fab! Well done!

  5. that's just too cool! i love it!

    thank you for coming by my blog and commenting!


  6. OH my! You and your sister rock! Such awesome first aid kits. That would make a FAB gift!!!!

    hugs x

    Crystelle Boutique

  7. Oh wow love this idea, looks great


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