Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My Easter Weekend

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Started working on a new project 
Our possie
At the drifting

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Lots of this went on
Well my Easter weekend turned out to be nothing like what was planned and booked. The boys and I were booked to be at Flock Hill backpackers in the Arthurs Pass, whilst Aaron and his brother Stephen completed the Goat Pass tramp. BUT...... Thursday night Eli started vomiting and was not well enough to move on Friday.

Flock Hill were amazing and let us cancel with no payment. We had a quiet day. ALL the bags and food remained packed ready to travel somewhere on Saturday. Eli was definitely better but a bit dubious about travelling. So we decided to stay.

Now packing took me all of Thursday, so then I unpacked for a good part of Saturday afternoon.

We still had a lovely weekend. The boys had a quiet weekend, I gardened -  managing to get some beds put down for the winter, sprayed the raspberries and boysenberries as they were getting raspberry moth, mowing lawn, trimming edges and tried to finish some projects. Then we had a big day at Ruapuna race track on Sunday - we went to see the drifting. The day went from 10-5.30 - it was good but I was exhausted when I came home.

Do you know that I was surprised to look at my blog and realise that I had not posted for 8 days!! In my head I have written heaps of posts, but I have also been rather tired this week and not really managing to achieve any finishes in my projects.

Hope you all had a good weekend.
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  1. The best laid plans..... sometimes the plans just aren't meant to be. Glad he is feeling better, the drifting looks like lots of fun too.....


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