Sunday, April 28, 2013

A couple of nights in Milford Sound

The beginning of our holiday involved a lot of travelling to get all the way down to Milford Sound. We were going with a purpose. To spend a night on the Milford Mariner - out in the middle of a fjord. We had such an amazing time that we now want to cruise and spend the night in Doubtful Sound.

I cannot rave enough about the crew we had. They were so amazing with our boys. There was one other younger person - but he was about 13 yrs old. They let our boys eat the evening meal first. They totally looked after them during activities. Told me not to worry and trust Eli (only 7 years old - I did keep saying) and let him Kayak by himself out in a massive fjord. Aaron also went Kayaking and stayed with him. I should not have worried as I was in a tender with Jakob racing around and every once in a while one of the crew would canoe over and check on Eli. He was ecstatic!! It was amazing. He had never Kayaked before and I expected him to stay around the boat but no - he went all over Harrison Inlet.

Real Journeys
First in line to get on board
There are only two rooms on the boat that have four beds in. We had one with an en-suite  Fantastic shower and good clean toilet.

The food was stunning. We were enamoured.
Milford Sound Cruising, Real Journeys
Waiting to board 

Under Stirling Falls
Independent Eli in his kayak
Aaron and Eli out in the Fjord
Gorgeous Food. 5 course evening meal!
Aaron swimming after Kayaking - COLD!!!
Milford Sound overnight cruise
Cruising the Fjord the next morning

Me taking photos from the Bridge

The boys with the Captain

Aaron in the morning

The next morning off the boat we went and stayed at Milford Lodge. This is the only place you can stay in Milford Sound. What a disappointment. Staff were good  but the kitchen was cramped. They have added heaps of extra units etc but no more in the way of facilities - to say that they were pushed is a total understatement. Pathetic showers, no insulation in the walls - you could hear everyone in all the rooms around you. It is such a shame as it could be good. If you spent close to $300 for the night you could get a motel to yourself and that might have been ok.


  1. Oh my goodness Karen. That scenery looks amazing but it looks pretty cold.

    Anne xx

    1. It was so amazing that the cold did not matter.

  2. Looks like you had a blast. What a wonderful holiday. Can't wait to hear more. x

  3. Looks cold! But Amazing! Great that you enjoyed the experience despite the lodgings!

    1. It was cold but we were expecting lots of rain and that did not happen, so it was fantastic.


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