Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Simple Things

Lovely relaxing bubbles
snuggling under a quilt

Comfort food

Sometimes you just need to hunker down and enjoy the simple things. We have all been a bit overwrought which resulted in Aaron being off work sick today and Eli crying and beside himself this afternoon.

So all things cancelled, we did not go to swimming lessons. Instead we wound down and are having a slow night.

We are all having lovely relaxing bubble baths with the lovely lush bubble products. I have had mine and read a magazine, Aaron is in it at the moment and Eli is getting ready to jump into one after dinner.

Eli and Morris had a big rest and time out on my bed. Nothing quite like snuggling under a quilt and we have having comfort food for dinner. Pasta bake full of lovely home grown veges and little bit of salami made from my sisters beef cattle.

I trust you are all resting up and recharging too.

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