Monday, April 15, 2013

Fun on my Scooter

The front bars are a nifty place to put my handbag

Going to church on my scooter has become normal practise for me. I love that I don't need to use the car and get there a whole lot quicker than when I walk. So the boys jump on their scooter, me on mine and Aaron tends to run.

Last Sunday when the boys were away tramping by themselves I scootered to Church as normal. The funny thing is because I was by myself I had all sorts of people looking at me, some tooted and waved, others talked to me on the way past and one person even hung out their car window and took photos of me on their phone!! It all just makes me laugh as I know that my look is not what people expect. They see the grey hair and a dress or skirt and just about fall over when they realise I am on my scooter. I went Grey at 25 and a lot of people cannot get past the colour of my hair and think I am the boys Nana, well I don't care as it is me and I know I am young. BUT I must say that sometimes I play up to it and have a laugh at other peoples surprise when I do crazy things.

Church was awesome as the Sunday School were sharing what they had learnt for the last term. All about the Armour of God. They had slowly made their armour over the term. It was fantastic.

my boys trying to hide from the photo

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  1. I love that you ride your scooter in your sunday best my nutty but extremely lovely friend :)

    1. You made me laugh, and i laugh a lot when I am in my good clothes scootering!

  2. I love that you ride your scooter! I have seriously considered one for myself after seeing a lady zipping around on one in a campground we stayed at last summer. It was a brilliant idea, and way better than trying to keep on with my daughter on her bike on foot!

    The Hot Toddies of Washington

    1. thanks for visiting and the encouragement. I popped over to your site. Love some of the thoughts and photos.

  3. I wished I lived where I could ride a scooter! I say good for you!

  4. You made me laugh! I can imagine the looks that people gave you! I love to ride my bike and sometimes my kids scooter. I told them that even if I'm 80 I'm going to do the same thing! :)
    I'm happy to follow you along.

  5. Thanks heaps Cristina, I am pleased that there will be other grey haired people out there in 30 years. We could take over the world!!! (on our scooters)

  6. So cool that you go to church on the scooter!


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