Sunday, December 23, 2012

What a great wedding

I loved the hat that Anna got me
 The wedding was yesterday. Fantastic, everything my sister had planned just went into action. Amazing clowns on bouncy stilts entertaining kids for hours, bouncy castles, awesome food and drink and to finish a display by the fire people Highly Flammable.
The Wedding Party. Anna, Mark and their kids

The boys all looked great in the silk waistcoat and bow ties that I made. Montana-Rose asked to do a speech and it was to say thanks to Aunty Karen for doing her hair. I was so blown away - she made me feel very special. She looked amazing.

The younger boy cousins all together.

Yes I did wear this before the ceremony!!

My brother and the kids. Robyn and Sophia stayed with us for a couple of days first. LOVED having them
My immediate family. Not been together since my brothers wedding  7 years ago.

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