Friday, December 21, 2012

Upcycling a shelf

From This
To this

Yes it did look like this

All fitted into the wardrobe.

In amongst having no kitchen, laundry, dining room and lounge - I finally finished the redo of a shelving system for Eli's bedroom. Thanks to Dawn for giving me her old shelving. With a bit of sanding and lots of painting, rescrewing and some furniture tacks we have a new look. Way back here I re painted his room and put up new curtains. (If you click on that you can see what his wardrobe used to look like!!). But now I have redone his cupboard. Cube shelving up on what was one big, hard to use space, and a matching shelving set for all his toys etc. Goodness we can actually close his wardrobe doors now. All I have left to do in his room is put handles on the wardrobe doors and make a pinboard and recover a cushion. So the house was madness but is now calming down.
In the process of all this Eli went through all his stuff and we have completed a massive declutter and throw out. It has been fantastic.
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