Wednesday, December 5, 2012

How to get a mess look nice

I am a bit slow blogging at the moment because our house is a big fat MESS. All the boys stuff is in the garage as we put new carpet in their rooms and I have to sort through their junk  precious things before bringing them back into the house into new bookcases. It is taking a while as I am painting some of the bookcases.

The lounge has no carpet (until 20th Dec), The dining area is being packed ready to get wood put on the floor - ditto the kitchen and laundry. I will have no stove for 8 days up to Xmas so no baking etc for camping and Christmas.

Last night I took photos to show the mess and why I am not blogging. Today I decided that we could make a mess look good. So it is in the small things that are lovely that I can take pleasure and just ignore the rest.
Aaron looked like this (just how I feel)
The dining room looks like this

The lounge looks like this

Our bedroom looks like this

The dog has had enough and looks like this

Jakobs room looks like this
The lounge can be made pretty with these

The bedroom smells gorgeous with these

The kitchen looks awesome with this just picke

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