Sunday, December 16, 2012

Two boy washing machine

feet doing the washing

great concentration
Well as you know our house is in a state of flux. We have no stove and no washing machine. So I told the boys that they had to learn how to do washing the back-packing way. If they are going to travel the world they at least need to be clean. They were a bit reluctant at first but then got into the fun of it. My Mother was really helpful and hung out the washing once they had washed it, Mother and I wrung it out and then she hung it on the line. I was sanding and puttying up holes in the walls ready to paint.

My mother was amazing and helped heaps
Wednesday night once we had emptied the house I had a big hissy and said I am NEVER doing this again and I am not moving (my excuse was I was sooo tired). Anyway I woke up on Thursday morning to realise that in about 6 months we would need to do it all again when we paint the walls. (Yes I did say 6 months- part of the hissy was I rang EQC to find out about our earthquake claim which I had been guaranteed would be paid by 31 Dec, to be told that they can't meet that deadline and it could be anything up to the middle of 2013!! To say I was unhappy is putting it very mildly).
Anyway - what I realised on Thursday was that if I painted behind everything - the oven, the fridge, the washingmachine, the computer desk, the china cabinet while they were out now then we would not need to move them again when we finally could paint the room as a whole. Inspite of this being an excellent plan I do feel rather overdone and that I have just added yet another thing in to the juggle going on. So I am working on the puttying holes, sanding etc and even though I am a bit stressed I know that it will relieve a lot of stress later.
The twins!!!
At the airport I parked beside another Will  VI

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  1. I feel for you, especially with the delay in the insurance payment. Seems like they never put up with lateness in our paying the premiums, but when it's the other way around . . .

    Love your new 'washing machine'!! Very inventive!

    Hope you get through this phase soon and can then get some rest. ~ Linne

  2. Hi Karen. I have at last found your blog again. Sorry you are having such a bad run with insurance delays. Hope things have improved for you. The boys are doing a great job.

    1. Thanks Dian. Don't know what facebook has done but all the people who used to watch it from there, aren't seeing it anymore. hmm


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