Saturday, April 28, 2018

Three hills in four weekends.

Well last weekend I made it three hills in the month. Eli was at a friends so Jakob and I took Aaron out to experience the off grid hut we stayed at recently.

Lovely to have Aaron home. Last time I walked to the fenceline, this time I walked to the top of the hill on the property which is a 240 metre climb and I did it OK. I considered going up the hill on the neighbouring property but am trying to temper my enthusiasm and be sensible. This was still 100m more than I had done before.

I was really pleased the next day that we had not gone further. I felt not at all the thing so on the way home we did a short flat walk and that was not a success for me. So still struggling with activity two days in a row. But you don't know until you try.
Aaron took this photo of Jakob and me heading back to our accommodation by torch light. The rest of the photos are a few random ones in the hut. The last you need to look hard, but reflected in the secondhand window leaning against the wall is me in my PJ's making coffee in the morning. 

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