Saturday, May 5, 2018

A bit of crafting

I've been completing only a little sewing lately. Mainly a block a month for a quilting block swap. The windmills are for this months swap. The crosses were for February and somewhere there is a photo of the Holly Hobby (aka sunbonnet sue) from March. 

I also went to a charity knitting event at Knit World in Christchurch. A Christchurch midwife is coordinating it as so many babies leave hospital with no wool and they cant regulate their temperature will fleece and synthetics. I made a hat that night and am on my third.
I had an awesome weekend last weekend tramping with Aaron. He had said he wasn't carrying my knitting and then at the hut he pulled it out! What a sweet man and great gesture. So I finished another hat in the hills. 
Having fun out on a buggy with Colleen.
Awesome breakfast in bed. Hot rolls.

Clearing the vege beds for winter.

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