Saturday, May 12, 2018

Woo hoo - A Tramp

Last weekend we had no boys and I have been feeling better so off we went on a tramp. It was amazing!! I cannot describe how being out in the mountains again makes me feel. Mr Awesome enabled it. He was my sherpa and carried the load, he was the cook and he was my guide and water level tester.
Lots of river crossings as we went off route and made a beeline to make it a manageable day for me. Water no higher than the bottom of my shorts (brrr very very cold though). 
We got to the hut and Aaron pulled out my knitting. Such a surprise. I always knit tramping as you can do it by candle light, but with Aaron carrying the load he had refused. Et Voila - he sneaked it in. Love him to bits. 

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  1. Knitting and tramping why not! And you had no pack to carry.....that's pretty luxurious.


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