Wednesday, April 25, 2018

So happy with my sewing and fit

 I'm so happy with this top I finished just in time for work on Tuesday. The pattern is from Twig and Tale and is their driftwood blouse pattern. I had previously made a trial short sleeve version (about 6 months ago), so I knew where I wanted to tweek it and I am so so thrilled.
Twig and Tale pattern
I have found sewing for myself difficult in the past. I don't like the finished garment often or the shape or the hang etc and get put off. I have no waist so lots of stuff looks awful. But this pattern just works. I knew it wood when as soon as Lisa put it up for sale as I have quite a few tops purchased that have a similar look. I cut the pattern out as is and then cut 2cm from around the neck once it was sewn together, I wanted a slightly more open neck area. I extended the binding a bit. It did mean that the gather at the front was not as much as normal at the binding, but I don't think that affects the look.

A while ago I tried shirring for the very first time, to mend a top and was happy with the result. I knew that I wanted to alter the driftwood blouse pattern a bit. I shirred four lines at a point halfway between my wrist and elbow to give a retro look to the sleeve. I also shirred three lines around the base of the shirt as tucking in looks ghastly and leaving it hanging looked like I was trying to hide my tummy!

A couple of process shots.
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