Monday, April 2, 2018

Biting off more than I can chew

So a long weekend looms. I'm tired and need a rest and so plan a weekend at home with a couple of day trips. Some sewing and relaxing. I feel alive and well and it's sunny on Friday, so what do I do? Try to finish everything!!!
I started slowly, A trip to the dump with all the garden rubbish and tidying all the bedrooms. Then I started to finish another project in the garage, and then I had the bright idea that polyurethane the wooden window should happen before winter. The weather was warm. We are getting some mould on the window frames in the winter and it's damaging the wood. So a quick sand of the ensuite window and a coat of polyurethane, wow that was quick goes my brain, so why not do another.....and another.... Only it takes three coats with sanding in between over two days. 

So then I am late picking the boys up from Pop and Gran's only to discover Pop has a new approach to Dentistry. But was I finished there? Oh no. We have been having a bit of painting going on and earthquake work happening. It is only the walls so this leave gross yellow door frames and yellow doors. So hey, what is a few door frames on a weekend? Well I've only tackled three and I have learnt some things;
1. Yellow is hard to cover over
2. The enamel paint is not as thick as it used to be
3. I used to do two coats for door frames and I am now on coat three with a potential four as it still is not smooth and white!!!
4. Now I am going to be down to the wire doing a final coat before bed and work tomorrow.
But wait there's more!! I had this project half painted in the garage, so finished that and then waxed it. Last night I got the boys to take it back to my bedroom with the wax not polished as if it sits there maybe i'll be inspired and get it done. Sigh. I never learn.
 Last week our friends came over from England and stayed. I loved loved seeing them. Haven't seen them for nine years. Such a gorgeous family. So we all got together, what started 10 years ago as mum's with baby's going to the baby groups and music etc is now all grown up.

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