Sunday, April 8, 2018

Fantastic off grid camping

Thanks to our awesomely generous friends the boys and I had a 20 hour break away that feels like a long weekend. I'm relaxed and ready for another week.
Yes that is me at the top of a HILL
We had rugby Saturday until 2pm and by then I almost didn't feel like going. But a quick pack and we were on our way. With Aaron being away it has just been in the too hard basket for us to holiday too and I have really missed the escapism. But here we were in an open sided hut with hot running water, a flush loo (such luxury) and a bedroom with a door to keep out the cold. 

 With the help of my bodyguard? Sherpa? I climbed my second hill in two weekends. Again not having any breathing issues. Such a miracle. I got to the fence line. Now this is not all the way to the top but we didn't set out until 5.30pm and as you can see light was fading fast.
I had carried a cereal packet all the way up, to use to slide down on the grass. Well first attempt and it just split in half. So using my jeans down I went.

Now said Sherpa always scoffs at me sliding down the hill on my bottom. Well he kept slipping so decided that it was best to stay on his bottom too and then you couldn't stop him. It was a great laugh together. He got the advantage of sliding in my wake and by golly he went fast!!!

The photo shows the building we were staying in. On the bottom left is a big 40 ft extra height container and the small building on the right was our stables.

A dinner by candlelight and then a great game of Settlers of Catan finished the night. 

Me being me I still haven't learnt to pace myself, so I headed of up the hill again in the morning. Got 3/4 of the way up and decided that I really should learn not to push it. I don't want to go backward again. But what I did do when sliding back down the hill was come to a crashing halt twice!!! on very sharp little rocks. I think my bottom will truly be black and blue tomorrow.

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