Saturday, January 21, 2017

What the Elves made at Christmas

In mid December I posted about how hard the elves and I were working on a present for Aaron. I could only reveal the making - but now that Christmas is over and presents are received. Ta Da... here it is.
coffee mat
Our new leather sofa had such large arms that you want to put your coffee cup and cake plate on it. But we did not want that to happen and we did not want piles of little tables everywhere. So the boys (elves) and I made this. 

The back covered in soft bamboo

The front. A main big piece of wood with smaller on the sides

I had seen an ad on facebook for something similar at $50. But this was just two pieces of wood from the local hardware shop, stapled gross grain ribbon at the top, middle and bottom and then covered in bamboo batting so the leather would not get scratched.

This fits on any sofa or Lazy boy in our house. A great alternative to cluttering the place with lots of tables.
Stapling the ribbon on
Gluing on the batting

I link to these places and crazy mum quilts.


  1. What a great idea! We have leather reclining sofas. To be able to recline the sofas have to be several feet from each other. The main sofa has end tables next to the ends, but the love seat is too far away to comfortably reach the tables. I hate having tray tables out, so this will be a great solution. Thanks for sharing.

    1. So so easy to make Paula. I look forward to seeing photos of yours


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