Friday, January 13, 2017

2017 Finish A-long

I am joining the 2017 FAL (see button and link below) and this year I am hoping to get some finishes in. I started the 2016 FAL but with study and operations I could not keep it up. So these two items were meant to be Christmas PJ shorts for Eli - Hoping to get that done.

These men's shirts needed to be new nighties as mine are wearing out. I was trying to get it done before my last operation to take to hospital, but no had to take my old ones. So get this done.

This scraps quilt I finished in October and want to get batted, backed, quilted and bound. So we will see how this all goes.

2017 FAL


  1. The scraps quilt is gorgeous! The bits of red really make it striking!

  2. Colourful scrap quilt.........good luck!

  3. The scrappy surface is lovely! I really hope you will get it finished! It so deserves it.

  4. Great scrap quilt, love the lines or red in it! Good luck this quarter!

  5. Scrappy quilts are my favourite kind! Best of luck with your Q1 finishes. Jxo


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