Sunday, January 15, 2017

Scrap quilt for charity.

charity quilt
 In October I finished this scrap quilt top for the Orphanage that we support - Hope Homes International. I am calling it "red line". Most of the materials are donated bits and pieces from people who I quilt with on a retreat once a year.
The red material was cut to 1 inch strips and I nearly threw it out. But then sometimes scrap quilts need some sort of item making it cohesive and I decided that would work. Now I need to sandwich, quilt and bind it. But really happy with the outcome.
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  1. happy Quilting....shame we live so far apart!

    1. I know. You have been so generous in your offers. But I know you will do all you can but a bit closer to home

  2. Awesome!!! So many colorful scraps but all looks so good together!

  3. I really like the red strips you threw in there! You're absolutely right - they just bring all that crazy scrappy goodness together! Very nice quilt top.

  4. What a wonderful scrappy quilt you have created!!

  5. Visiting from crazy mum quilts. What a fabulous quilt! I love scrap...


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