Monday, January 11, 2016

Joining the 2016 Finish-A-Long

2016 FAL

I have so many things that I have started and not finished in the last few years that when Fluffy Sheep Quilting decided, with the assistance of others, to host a finishing year - I had to join in,

I started taking photographs yesterday and just found more and more projects - sigh!! So I have tried to be realistic about what my get finished for the first quarter and here they are.
I have a scrap quilt that I have been making for ages. Here are some of the randomly sewn pieces I have yet to join on. This will be for the orphanage at Hope Homes International.  
This quilt has been sitting here for ages, all ready to quilt but a wee bit stuck on how to do it. So it got parked. Time to un-park it! 
I started this over two years ago. A quilt made from old pajamas. It was meant to be finished for the caravan for this season. But camping season is half way through and I have still not gotten it done. It is also sitting on the floor of my sewing room, so needs to be done and out of the way. 
I finished my first hat upcycled from linen shirts. I enthusiastically cut the next one out, but that is it. Again with summer half over it needs to be worn and used. 
Loving making a traditional quilt from new materials. But don't want it to become yet another parked project, so it is on the list.
These shirts are meant to be turned into a colour block shift dress. I have had them selected and sitting on my "to do" shelf for three years!!! Have drafted the pattern, need to sew.
Finally I have two quilted blocks I was going to make into zip purses. But the proportion is wrong. Need to fix it and get it done!!!


  1. Good job!! You can do it!! Thanks for visiting at my blog too.

  2. Looks like an interesting list of projects to finish! I went over mine yesterday (during our first big winter storm) - and need to get going on a plan to finish as well!


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