Sunday, January 17, 2016

Arthur's Pass

 My sister was with us for a couple of days as they wanted to do Cave Stream near Castle Hill in Arthur's Pass. We ended up having a big day doing Cave Stream, The waterfall track at Arthur's Pass the the limestone rocks.

Definitely and amazing place to stay

When you have just crossed the stream to go to the waterfall track in the Arthur's Pass township, if you turn back, you see this amazing stone hut tucked in the bush. I so want to stay there!!!!
After the second bridge the boys decided to scramble rather than take the track - always up for a bit of adventuring. 
Unfortunately this was the only striding out I did! My blood pressure was low and I was dizzy and could not sort it out so I had to wander around the village, do my knitting etc. 
I took a lot of photos of the old old cute houses that are around. 
Gearing up to do Cave Stream.
The intrepid cavers ready to go.
Starting to emerge from the cave 1 hour later. Kids first. 
Adults last. Have to say when I saw the kids coming out I was a bit worried about the adults fitting through the ledge!!!
Of to the boulders. This was one walk I could slowly do.

Great day out. Lovely to have family staying over the holiday time.

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