Sunday, January 3, 2016

A quilt as you go bin for my sewing space

scrap quilting, scrap patchwork
So yet again I started a new project. I wanted something small that I could actually finish!! As that 
has not been my forte at all lately.
In my new house my sewing space is still incredibly disorganised. I have made a cutting table, of which I am very proud, that has been a life changer with being able to just do a bit of sewing anytime I want. This photo shows the messy corner. The shoe box is my rubbish bin and it needed to go!! The pile on the left is three unfinished items.
I took out my scrap bag that is strips only 
Sorted the colours and materials I wanted 
I then found a left over piece of batting and some fusible reinforcing and commenced sewing the strips on. 
Once it was all sewn I decided that even though I had completed it as quilt-as-you-go, it just did not have a good visual effect.  
So I completed half inch spaced quilting.

I then sewed it all together and it was way way too big. I nearly parked it to be another unfinished project. But as I read Anna's post at Noodlehead (about picking up abandoned projects that were not quite right) I decided to fix it. I am thrilled with the finish and have a gorgeous rubbish bin in my sewing space.

Not a bad start to the New Year.


  1. Great idea! It looks a lot better than a shoebox and suits a quilter. Happy new year and the best of success for you in your projects!


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