Saturday, January 9, 2016

A bit of holiday magic

 Family Christmas Day 
New Years Eve with Friends 
Lots of riverbed walking to fantastic swimming holes 
Sleeping after swimming
Still have screens to play on when in the caravan. 
The boys always gravitate to the dogs 

Chickens wild at the river 
Another Christmas Day photo


  1. My kinda Christmas--or at least I wish it was! I am assuming you must be on the other side of the world from our cold Christmas climate.

    1. Thanks for commenting. Yes I am in New Zealand and it is always hot hot at christmas.

  2. Wow, looks great. Here on the other side of the world, i can hardly imagine that you were sitting outsite and swimming. Have a great 2016! Best wishes from The Netherlands

    1. Thanks so much. Over here we dream of having a white Christmas so we can eat and drink more and sit around a fire. Far too hot here for that.


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