Monday, September 1, 2014

Refashion a business man's shirt - sewing for me

From this
To this

I really liked the material that this shirt was made from. 100% organic cotton and it has a natural look and image to it. I should have taken a close up of it to really show. Anyway. There was enough material in it to make a little cap sleeve top for me. I actually used a pattern this time (very unlike me!). I have decided that the front looks OK but I do not like the back, it is all puffy and doesn't drape. So I am going to try putting the pattern on the bias and see how it goes as I think that will give it a lot more shape. As Gilli pointed out - it could do with being longer, but because it was a refashion I did not have enough material to do that.

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  1. Really something to think about trying! I like the sleeves on your new top.

  2. What a nice simple idea ti make something pretty, I up-cycle business shirts into pyjamas for my 6-y-o. I have a lot of fabric left over!

  3. VERY GOOD ,,, you reminded me i have not used this pattern for some year ,, it is lovely !!!!

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