Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I am a starter

Yes I confess, I start gazillions of projects and heaps of them do not get finished. That is why I end up with "orphan quilts". All those blocks started with the intent of trying something new, being enthused and then either not liking the result, finding it boring, or surprise surprise - finding a new cool project to do!! My starting and not finishing has gotten worse since going back to work fulltime. I want to do inspiring stuff only.

This is some of what I have started in the last two weeks.
 Started this project to use the scraps from the projects below.
 Started this and decided to make it into a cushion cover. I might?????? be able to finish smaller projects.
Could not decide whether the low volume above or this bright look was the best. So did both!!!

patchwork and quilting
Yes I am getting on with this. But still don't know what to do with it. Any ideas?

And I helped Eli to start a project of his own.


  1. When in doubt of where to use a quilted surface, I always make a bag or zipper pouch. If your surface is big, it might look good as a half circle wall hanging, above bed?

    1. I love your bags and pouches, I started this thinking of you but somehow it got too big!!

  2. What a bright beautiful project it certainly makes delightful scrap projects


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