Sunday, September 7, 2014

We get there step by step

Slowly being built
For a long time we have been slowly sorting out the living areas in our house. We opened up from the kitchen to the laundry and that created light but also cold. So tomorrow double glazed doors and windows arrive to fix that problem.
The mess in the lounge
Now I am sanding and sealing
Today our odd job builder has been in putting shelved in an alcove in the laundry. These have been built from recycled Rimu, the same planks that were used to replace our kitchen floor. One shelf has been made using the tiny bit of Rimu that Aaron managed to rescue from his old family home before it was torn down after the earthquakes. So progress is slowly happening to ensure the front end  of the house is all livable while we complete an extension on the back end of the house.

In the meantime everything from there is strewn all over the living room. This is just the beginning. Once this is done then we are back in the kitchen taking out cupboards and putting in extraction fans.

Do we ever finish fixing up our houses?.... and you should see outside. We are still in a huge mess where we are bricking and tiling in the garden.


  1. Rimu shelves will be a nice touch. You are right, there always seems something we need to do to our homes or at least want to do!

  2. Good luck! Sounds like a labour of love though and lots of lovely touches :)

  3. Household jobs always seem neverending- I complete one project and there are three more to be done!


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