Friday, August 29, 2014

Number 21

Patchwork, Quilting
Yes this is charity quilt number 21. Off to Hope Homes in the package. A real kids quilt. The centre Winnie the Pooh and the alphabet are a panel. The rest was some matching strips which I have added. But it all looks like it is one panel. I made this when I was on my quilting retreat recently. Started it, cut it, patched it together, sandwiched it, quilted it (some straight line quilting, some stipple and some outlining) and then bound it. All in about 4 hours. Yippeee!!! Was so intent on getting it finished that I forgot to take process photos.


  1. Love it- Winne the Pooh is always a hit with kids and you have done a great job with this quilt.

  2. I'm a sucker for Winnie the Pooh! Love it and goodness 4 hours! what a machine!!!

  3. Great finish in record time! Pooh bear is a lovable fellow.

  4. A lovely, lovely quilt! Someone is going to love this! You are so nice to donate these!

  5. So gorgeous, and in only 4 hours! I wish I could get that much done at a retreat, but I don't. Too much socializing I guess.


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