Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Fabulous Birthday

Well another year older. I was really blessed by lots of people for my birthday. The girls made me cupcakes for birthday cake and gave me lovely homemade cards and a framed collage. My sister, niece and nephew sang me a gorgeous happy birthday over the phone, I wasn't as gracious as I could have been as it woke me and I was in a bit of a fog when answering!!

Aaron and I went out to Chillingworth Road fine dining and had an 8 course degustation menu. Wow it was amazing. I did try to convince him that the six course one was enough but we went 8. I could not eat the last one, but it was stunning food.

Then as a family we all went to live jazz at Freemans on Sunday afternoon.
Fine Dining at Chillingworth Road

Wearing my designer dress!

This is now a typical scene at family outings

Carmen and friends playing jazz

Older and wiser!!


Thanks so much for stopping by. I love that you took time out to comment on my blog.

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