Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mum, I want to sew....

5.30pm, dinner was in the oven and I had half an hour to get a bit of my sewing done when Eli came in and said that. Well what could I do but assist.
Although the photo is not too good, on the left is the initial drawing
So I asked him what he wanted. He was very specific.

  • I want to have my own pillowcase
  • I want my name and a drawing on it
  • I only want it to be the stitching (darn - here I was thinking we could just do some iron on applique)
So he drew the picture, we cut a strip of white cotton, he traced the picture on and then.....I taught him how to use the freehand darning foot on my machine to do the black embroidery to create his design.
relaxing with his pillow after dinner.

Once that was done (yes I burnt the carrots to the bottom of the pan because I had forgotten about dinner - thank goodness for frozen veges!!) Eli sewed the structure of the pillowcase, zig zagged all the seams and then ironed it. Viola - One pillowcase.

I am so proud of him. Only 8 and using the freehand sewing feet. But more so that he knew exactly what he wanted and was able to execute it.


  1. Wow well done Eli! It's no small feat using a darning foot!

  2. Doublo wow! It's great to know what you want and to be able to make it yourself. Nice stitching!

  3. Please tell Eli that I am 57 years old and sewed MY first pillowcase the other day and I am quite certain that his is better!! :)

    1. awesome that you are sewing Deb. Never too late

  4. That's fantastic! My kids just aren't interested at all. And you'll always remember him doing this. Awesome!

  5. That's awesome! I love a boy that can sew.

  6. This is cool, for all the reasons you give :)


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