Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Barry's beetroot

I adore good beetroot but a lot that you buy are really high in sugars as well as salt. When Barry and Kerryn were getting ready for their wedding Barry did a BBQ for us, with the most amazing yummy beetroot as a side dish.

On my way home from Akaroa on Monday I bought some beetroot and hunted for Barry's recipe. So here (in my opinion) is the best beetroot ever. Click on this link to get the recipe.

In the recipe link there is a nice photo of the finished product. But I was so busy doing my blog and catching up on emails that today my beetroot cooking looked like this.......


  1. MMm we love beetroot too. We just quarter them (skin on), boil till tender (quite a while, maybe 1/2hr), drain, run under cool water while you peel off the skins or you will burn your fingers!. Put into a big bowl, stir over 1/2 tub of sour cream, dress with some flaked salt, add garlic if you like! Your pickled beetroot looks pretty good, I have to say! will try that

  2. I am sharing a beetroot and orange chutney on my blog tomorrow- I love beetroot and have an abundance of it in my garden so I might have to try your recipe too!

    1. I try to grow beetroot every year, but our soil is sandy so it does not hold moisture well and I just do not get decent sized ones. Have tried heaps of varieties and every year I think I have it sussed. But no..sigh.. So lucky you being able to grow them


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