Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A relaxing night away

From the deck in Akaroa, and table looking out at that amazing view, we ate gorgeous anti pasta platters made by Eli. He took great pride in cutting and arranging the tomatoes and cucumber and his laying out of the salami. Mmmmm it was yummy.

On a walk around the waterfront we had two dogs, Charlie (Aunty Colleens dog) and Morris as each boy wanted to have a dog on a lead. Both dogs were terrified of the jetty. Morris lay on his belly and shook so ended up being carried and I had to carry Charlie as she just would not even go on a plank. Awesome weather and great weekend away. Thanks Colleen you are amazing.

Although we only went out on Saturday after sport, it was amazingly relaxing. I will be more keen for just a night away from now on.

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