Saturday, May 10, 2014

Nearly there

Yay another quilt for charity completed. The goal of one quilt per child at Hope Homes Orphanage is getting closer.
Charity quilting
This quilt was started by Jeanette at church a long way back when we all started quilting for charity. Before the earthquakes and before the storms. So Jeanette finished three of the rows and had sewn a lot of other blocks together. She used all donated material and just mixed up what came into her hand. I finished putting all the blocks in rows, sewed the rows together and then quilted and bound it.
FMQ, quilting flower pattern

I started the quilting on Thursday night, finished it on Friday night and bound it tonight. I tried a completely different quilting pattern to anything I have done before. I follow a blog by an amazing machine quilter Amy and she has been doing monthly challenges. This quilt pattern was last months (I chickened out on the last quilt and just put flowers) and I am thrilled to have done this as an all over pattern. My quilting is not good enough to worry about stitch length or regularity, I struggled to keep it all the same and even, but with practice things will get better.
I link to these places but especially Finish it up Friday and Amy's Free Motion Monday Quilting Adventures and May Finishes


  1. Your quilting looks great!! What a sweet little charity quilt :) I really need to practice my FMQ more.

  2. Thank you for paying it forward with a lovely charity quilt!

  3. Well done you for getting it done and keeping on practising! I am sure it will be loved regardless :)

  4. It's lovely and the heart behind it is fabulous! I am glad you linked up and shared.

  5. I think your FMQ is beautiful. Such a lovely quilt and a very worthwhile cause.

  6. I saw your quilt at Threading My Way - I think it's gorgeous, and that a little one at the orphanage will be very lucky to receive it and to be wrapped in hugs. I'm rather biased towards scrappy use-it-up quilts - I think they're the best kind, so this quilt makes me smile. And your quilting looks great! I like what Amy said, and I agree completely - the heart behind it is fabulous!

  7. Hopping over from linky party Such a Sew and Sew, I love the scrappy and especially if its made for love.


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