Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The big birthday

Wow, Jakob is now 10. On Saturday he had his party with some friends from his old school and some friends from his new school.

To start the day we had a healthy lunch. Tomato and cucumber from the garden with cheese from Evansdale and smoked salmon from the North Canterbury Seafood Market, finished with grapes from the vine.

The new decor at Laser Strike
Then onto the junk. No 10 year old boy wants to have healthy food for their party. (We did have them on that the cucumber was the birthday cake, put candles in it etc. But Jakob deleted the photo on his new camera before I could get to it.)
Through the portal and into battle

boys getting kitted up and ready to go

Anyway - Laser strike - was a huge hit!! It had only just reopened since the Feb 2011 quake and all the boys said they wanted their next party to be there. I even played the second game.

Lasers ON
The party afterward

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  1. What a fun party. You sure know how to make the memories. Thanks for stopping over at Quirky Vistas and checking out my post. I bet all that stuff you said you have in your garage is fabulous. It would probably be like shopping a great sale to go in there.

    Hope you'll stop by again!


Thanks so much for stopping by. I love that you took time out to comment on my blog.

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