Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My day in changes of clothes

The magazine subscription that I have this year is for a new UK magazine called "The Simple Things". One of the regular columns is called - My day in cups of tea. Well lately I have been thinking of my day in changes of clothes.

I wear different outfits during the day depending on what role I am doing at that time. Sometimes I used to get stuck in my work clothes for the whole day as it seemed easier. But that made me feel like I was always at work.

I am also trying to look more presentable if I am out and about with the boys. People constantly think that I am the boys Nana, so I consciously try not to wear frumpy stuff just because it is comfy. Or to jazz things up with jewelry or a scarf.

1. Kids off to school - I am going to line trim the edges of the lawn and do some digging of paths

2. 10.30am Dressed for work as off to a H&S meeting at the Kaiapoi  EQR hub

3. Time to get Jakob for dentist appointment at 2.30pm

4. Now the cooking mum. Getting dinner prepared and icing birthday cakes. The apron is an old man's shirt I have blogged about

4. 8.45pm In my nighty (another upcyle from a frumpy longsleeved thing). I am having a tired day. They happen every so often  now my heart is deteriorating. I want to sew and garden but Aaron is out, the kids tucked in, so I am off to bed to read and sleep.
So ma day today (and I think it was one of the lesser changes of clothes).
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  1. Love your wardrobe changes. I am a one-outfit-a-day person just because I hate laundry. :)

    1. Hi Kelly, I hate the washing. i started looking at my clothes because my youngest boy will change up to 5 times a day and the washing it creates drives me nuts!!!

  2. Karen, that is a great set of photos!

  3. Very fun post. Especially interesting because my daughter-in-law has narrowed her entire wardrobe to nine things (not including underwear/accessories/outer wear) through the Lent season. So she doesn't have much to choose from but she is posting a picture every day.

    1. That is such a good idea. I reckon I don't use half my wardrobe!


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