Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lego Birthday Cake

Well Jakob is 10 tomorrow! I decided to try some of the icing skills that I learnt at a course at the Make Cafe. It has been a little bit of a juggle as the lady who took the course gave us lots of information, but it was all verbal. I still don't know where to get half the icing, powder etc that she talked about. But loved making it all.

So what I have done is used a bit of what she taught, used things that my Mother-in-law and shown me to do and sort of mixed it up.

The result is a Lego cake. I made one cake batch and put it into my mini loaf tins. Then iced each individually to look like separate Lego pieces. It seems to have worked OK  This was a trial run as I will make more for his party on the weekend.

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  1. Love the lego cake. I can't wait till my boys get into lego. Just waiting for the youngest one to stop putting everything in his mouth!

    1. Thanks for visiting. I love your blog, looks like your kids are good with "helping" baking. Eli helped do the icing and you should have seen the mess in the end!! I meant to get a photo but was too busy cleaning up

  2. Fabulous idea, and those colours work so well together!

  3. Wonderful idea..looks great. Im a big cake fan and am now in the mood for a piece!

  4. I'm impressed! So cute :) Thanks for sharing at The Weekly Creative.

    Shannon@ Sewing Barefoot

  5. My kids are grown, but I'm still loving this idea. Good for you tackling the new skills!


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