Monday, February 11, 2013

An accidental breakfast

We had a very very hot weekend camping at Balmoral Forrest. Whew this summer is long and hot. It was not only hot outside the caravan but inside!

On Saturday morning I was cooking brunch for everyone (American pancakes with maple syrup) and I cooked more than the pancakes. I was leaning against the stove opening the window to the kitchen area and I saw a bit of smoke. Nope the pancakes were not burning. Then I looked down and thought - my top is smoking!! The time it took me to register that, my top was flaming - literally!!

I must have sqwarked pretty loudly as Aaron came running over saying "what's wrong". But man I was quick. I had that top off and thrown out onto the grass before he could even get near me.

Morris had a great time
The photo shows a really large part burnt but in actual fact a lot of that happened outside before everyone stomped and threw water on it. I was more worried that with the extreme fire danger at the moment that I would set the camping area on fire.

Being a cotton top the flames just went up the material and not on me. I did not even feel any warmth or anything. No marks or red. Just imagine if it had been polyester.

Sigh. Sadly that had been my favourite top all this summer.

The boys spent heaps of time together being pals.
Apart from that we just swam and sat in the shade and swam some more. Bliss.

The gorgeous swimming hole


  1. Gosh, you were lucky it wasn't much worse. What a gorgeous camping spot, that swimming hole looks so inviting.

    1. Super lucky Nicky. But I was petrified of starting a forest fire when we realised the shirt was still alight!!

  2. Great camping spot! Gorgeous Swimming pool! Happy that you did not burn yourself!
    Difficult to imagine it's so hot and dry out there. In some way envious too. It's cold and snowing here in the Netherlands!

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog. Ah well when you are in summer in a cabin, we will be cold and wet (but more inclined to do craft)


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