Wednesday, February 13, 2013

It's a secret - What I am working on

The start of the skirt
The builders in. Newly painted walls.
Well I have not been able to show what I am working on. Two reasons - 1. I am not working on anything much in the craft world. It is all about a rampaging garden that needs controlling and planting for winter and a big paint job. 2. What I am working on has to be secret.

No 1.  Yes I am trying to upcycle a skirt from an old set of jeans and various men's shirts. Not sure if it will look ok on me, not sure if I have gathered the material enough. etc etc.. all those doubts creeping in but it does not stop me from freehanding (ie not using a pattern).

Also we have just had to paint the lounge. Thankfully the job was super quick. I got a call yesterday to say the builders will be in to do the new skirting boards. OOPPPS my procrastination is evident - I had not yet gotten around to painting the lounge in preparation. So yesterday I sanded, puttied, cleaned and the painted. My gorgeous husband came home from work and did the grunt work on the painting - he rolled the walls, I just did the fiddly cutting in. With his help it was all done in a day (and I washed the curtains that I took down!!!) (not to mention I made dinner for a friend who is moving today and tomorrow - very plain. Meatballs, rice and some chocolate brownie for dessert.)

A sneak peak at the pouch before posting
No 2. I am giving you a sneak peak. But for the first time ever I am involved in a mystery swap with someone in the blogging / crafting world. This swap is organised by Ros from Sew Delicious and is all about sewing a pouch and stuffing it with your favourite chocolate. It has to be sent by 14th Feb. So mine is winging it's way over to Julia at Blue Jay Cottage. She is not blogging much at the moment as she has a new baby - so definitely needs chocolate!! I don't know who has me yet..... watch this space.

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  1. Visiting from Sunshinex3. Very pretty pouch, lucky Julia! And I love upcycle projects, I hope the skirt works out :)

  2. No doubt that skirt will work out! and go you on the painting - what a top effort! looking forward to seeing the pouch in full!

  3. Ooh what a pretty pouch! Your partner will love it!

  4. I'm a freehander, too, at all sorts of things - I love to start knitting or crocheting and have the item 'morph' into something I hadn't planned (I'm not saying all of my morphing ends serendipitiously, mind you!); and none of my consequences has ever convinced me to be otherwise! I have a suggestion for your skirt, if it turns out to be a bit snug: check out the gorgeous skirt here:

    It's the sweet 16 skirt with godets that alternate in height. I was thinking that godets might help if you need it. But, even better if you don't, of course. I do love that skirt, though; I'm thinking I might have to make something like it for myself. The swing of the skirt, without bulk, is so attractive, don't you think?

    And congratulations on the refurbished lounge; I know how much work that is; both the cutting in and the rollering. Good for both of you! ~ Linne

    1. Hi Linne, thanks for your tips. It is not the fit that I am worried about as I know the top of the jeans I have used, fit me. I am more looking at aesthetics, Not sure if a tiered skirt is best for the larger figure!!!


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