Friday, October 12, 2012

Back to School and Birthday Baking

After a busy two weeks of school holidays I thought I better fill the tins ready for making school lunches on Sunday night (it is usually the last thing I want to do on Sunday night and so if there is no baking then often no sweet thing for the lunch box).

This baking may look a little bizarre as it ended up experimental flavour wise. I made a coffee cake for Aaron's Birthday Cake. Very successful as usual, a batch and a half of afgans and a double batch of yoyo biscuits. (the yoyo's are yet uniced). Once all had cooled I set about icing the cake. Coffee icing - pretty standard- but I made way tooooooo much coffee icing.

That is when experimenting came in. First we tried a bit of yoyo with coffee icing, it was ok but drowned that lovely subtle custard flavour. Then the light bulb moment - coffee icing on afghans - it is a moccachino!!! Coffee and chocolate always go well. So another round of trying and we were all happy.

So all set for the birthday tomorrow and all ready for the school routine.


  1. Can I be your adopted daughter. I love home made baking. You are awesome. Love Dian.

    1. Awesome Dian. You are my extended family - you are part of my church family. Love you. God Bless. Karen

  2. Yummy! It all looks delicious....

  3. First off...this post looks so yummy. I want you to pack my lunch!!
    Secondly, thank you for commenting on the blog scraping post I did...very much appreciated. There wasn't an email address attached to your comment, so I wanted to leave a note here.
    Thanks again,


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