Saturday, October 6, 2012

Baking and a busy day

Dairy, Egg and Gluten free rice bubble biscuits
Well today first thing I made rice bubble biscuit. This needed to be gluten free and dairy free, as Mieke is intolerant of both. So I adapted the recipe to suit. I have no idea when I first got this recipe or from who as it has been around since before I was a child.

Rice bubble cake
4 Cups Rice bubbles (make sure they are a brand that are gluten free - I used Kelloggs) into a big bowl.
then into a pot put
1 1/2 Tablespoons honey
I love ginger gems
3 1/2 oz diary free spread - i used Olivio as it is made from olive oil (watch out as some still have dairy in them)
4 Tablespoons sugar
melt all together and then bubble at low heat stirring until the colour darkens and the mixture thickens. Pour into rice bubbles, mix together quickly as it sets fast. Put into a lined tin, press down firmly with wet hands and cut. (it is very hard to cut it once it is set). I keep it in the fridge until eaten.

Then we went outside and Eli mowed the lawn for the first time ever! Wow at 7years old. He was dead keen and did an amazing job. So Aaron dug all the compost out and we put it all around the garden. I weeded all the strawberries and pottered like that. The weather was gorgeous but then it went very strange and blew and rained. So inside we came and I made some old fashioned Ginger Gems. I just used the recipe from the Edmonds Cookbook. After a lovely afternoon tea Mieke and Alex came to stay for the night. So all is on!!! Aaron has both the kids on his knee reading to them at the moment. I have dinner ready, Mieke has had two pieces of her rice bubble cake and the boys are watching Chip and Dale.
Aaron loves having babies in the house

The kids watching Chip and Dale


  1. What an inspirational day and Aaron looks quite clucky Karen.

    1. Hi Dian, Aaron would have had more babies if not for my heart. He is very clucky!!

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