Monday, October 15, 2012

The Ultimatum

The mounting tower of stuff.
I have known for years that it would eventually happen - The Ultimatum - "Sort your craft stuff out!!"
Now I constantly sort, resort, reorganise all my craft stuff in the house. I try to finish projects, put it in sensible order and eliminate.

So confession time - elimination has just been to put it in the garage. It is a mess, I acknowledge it. But some is ready for sale so a bit will go. But I have been warned, if it is not sorted within a month then HE will sort it. ARGGGGGHHHH. What does an IT person know would be important to me or how to organise it. So now after years of procrastinating I am going to have to do it.

On Sunday I did an hour and managed to organise all the preserving and jam jars, the shelves that have cooking stuff on them and I cleared a whole half shelf space for Aaron to put stuff on. I also cleared another shelf for his stuff. But the big pile, the mission, is still to come.
Some of the stuff for sale made and boxed.

A few before shots for you.

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  1. Imagine how good it's going to feel when you've finished.

    Are you planning a garage sale?



    1. Thanks Linda for the encouragement. Not sure about garage sale. i will see what comes out of it all!! It might just go to salvation army or I will have to have a cheap section on my next market stall.

  2. wow, that would be hard. I tend to let things get unorganized too. In the last year I have been doing so much better about being organized. I take a tip from "Fly Lady" (you can google her) She basically has you set a timer for 15 minutes and "fling" (get rid of stuff.) 15 minutes a day is all it takes! I highly recommend checking her out for some motivation in organizing.

    You stopped by my blog and I tried to send you a reply but you are a "no reply" blogger here is my reply: Some one else requested pictures so I'll be doing a post on the trailer soon. Maybe I can get my hubby to pull the trailer out this weekend for a photo shoot!


Thanks so much for stopping by. I love that you took time out to comment on my blog.

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