Thursday, September 27, 2012

Painting done - now the fight is on

Who will get the room?


 Well this is what I have been doing in my spare time - hahaha - spare time, what is that!!! Well I asked this myself but managed to juggle work so that I completed my paperwork before the kids went to school, did the practical stuff in the morning and that left two afternoons this week to paint.

Dawn had a room in her house that had a mouldy wall and the floor had sunk in the corner. So she got in Longsilver Construction to lift the floor, remove the wall, pink bat it and re gib. I said that I would paint it to save her the money. So the builders etc finished it on Tuesday morning.

Over Tuesday and Wednesday I got the undercoat/ sealer on and two coats of paint plus painted the trim. Boy I went hard out to get it done as I am leaving today for Wearable Arts Awards in Wellington (so so so thrilled as I have always wanted to go).

No, It's MY room!!
Anyway all the girls LOVE the room and they are now trying to work out who gets the room. Dawn said she should have been in the photo pushing the girls out of the room and claiming it for her. (my boys even got in the mix and said they would have the room!)

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  1. You are a wonder unto many as the good old salvation Army song book says. That was a wonderful thing to do for Dawn. Enjoy Wearable Arts as I have always wanted to go to that also.


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