Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Gardening experimentation

I have just had a failed experiment and started a new one!. I hate brussel sprouts, icky, yucky. But my husband loves them. So I thought I would be really good and grow some for him this year. Four have already gone by the way of the chooks for extra fodder as they just were not growing where they were. Two looked like they were doing the right thing. But all of a sudden they have starting running to seed as the weather turned dramatically warm overnight. We went from winter to summer in a couple of days.
I have taken a photo of the only one worth while and that is after I have plucked off all the sprouts that had "sprouted" to seed. It is PATHETIC. I think they know that I do not like them???

The new experiment is making watering container for tomatoes. As we go away a lot in the warmer weather the glasshouse often dries out and hence the tomatoes get affected. I am trying a trick I have seen in other places. If you put a bottle into the ground as deep as it can go then you water the roots rather than water landing on leaves and risking rust etc. So I tried the first one today with a little bottle and think I will continue. The idea is the roots will go down deeper as the water is down deep which means it should not get so badly affected with the odd "dry out".
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 1. Get a plastic drink bottle and punch holes in the bottle cap. I punched 5 holes in but think next time it would be 3 as the water drained through quickly
 2. Chop the bottom of the bottle, make sure the cap is screwed on well
 3. Push down into the ground so that about an inch of the bottle is above the surface of the soil. Hopefully watch those tomatoes grow!!

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  1. I think this new experiment is brilliant! I always try to keep a garden... but my husband and I travel a lot too, so everything eventually dies. I'll have to try this on my fruit plants.

    1. Hi Ariel, So far it is doing well, so I am putting them around all my bigger plants. thanks for visiting


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