Saturday, September 22, 2012

Early Morning

Well it is only 8am and we have all had breakfast and the boys have gone. They are off Tramping up Mt Oxford with one of Aaron's workmates. This is very early for us on a Saturday morning. Pancakes in their tummies to keep them going and off they went.

This tramp has many memories for Aaron and I. We met while tramping into Lake Daniels. A week later Aaron called me at work to say that he was going tramping up Mt Oxford and do I want to go. Only it all went very wrong. He asked for Karen when he got the switchboard and they put him through to a different Karen! 15 years older, no interest in tramping at all. He had a very bemusing conversation with her. Fortunately Karen realised that it could be me, as though we worked in different areas and on different floors, I had talked to her in the staff cafeteria. She rang me and asked if I knew a Aaron who was into tramping. We laughed quite a lot when she told me of the conversation. It all ended well as I rang Aaron back and explained it all. If it had not been for Karen realising it was me he wanted, we may never have gotten together, as he thought I (as in the other Karen) was putting him off and not very interested.

The tramp we did was great, though for the last 50 metres I ran out of steam and Aaron pulled me up. His story is always that he pulled me up 500 vertical metres!!!! Anyway we now know that my inability to keep the steam going up hills was due to my heart. In spite of that I have done extensive tramping and just used to take going uphill more slowly. Unfortunately now I can't even go up a flight of stairs without it getting to much. So the boys are off without me.

The second picture is all the seed sewing that I did yesterday - spring fever hit. I also put some pea seeds directly into the garden. So we will wait and see if I am just too ambitious for the weather.

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