Thursday, September 20, 2012

How to keep everyone happy - almost

1. Walk the dog - Very happy dog :)
2. Walk the dog and get exercise - Very happy Cardiologist and husband
3. Walk the dog, get exercise, be in the cold bracing air by the river - I am happy, love being outside
4. Walk the dog, get exercise, enjoy the fresh air and find Wood - very happy husband
5. Walk the dog, get exercise, enjoy the fresh air, find wood and put the wood in the car - incredibly happy husband (as have not just told him about it but actually saved him a job), incredibly happy dog ( he got to run back and forth as I crossed the paddock retrieving wood), free weightlifting session for me!!
6. Bring the wood home but leave it in the car for someone else to unpack - unhappy boys if that are told to do that job!!!!!

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  1. Fantastic
    Poor boys...... my girlies would be grumpy about that too, but it's so hard to keep everyone happy!

  2. So true it's sometimes hard to keep everyone happy. Your boys are so cute, I would probably say, "that's ok I'll do the wood". Can you just tell I have no children, lol

    1. Thanks for visiting and commenting Marlene. Yes sometimes the boys get away with a lot cause they are cute and bat their eyelashes at me!!

  3. I love this Sunshine-y post! Such a fun happy story! It was a win win situation girl! Happy dog, happy you for cardio excercise and weight training and walking the dog without going to the gym whoop!whoop! Happy doggy for being walked and running back and forth lol that the boys were less than happy to unload ha! I'm sure they were they just pretended they weren't ha! Love that your hubs was so happy that you found the wood and score that it was all cut up and everything whoop! whoop! Great post girl! Thanks for linking up sweets! :)


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