Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Suggest a name for my crafty business

Hi All,
I need a name. The craft fair was successful, I am doing patchwork lessons and designing patterns. They are all mixed on this blog. I need a proper craft based blog and cannot think of a name.
I was using J.A.K.E Creations (standing for Jakob, Aaron, Karen and Eli) but this is boring
I have tried using "The Changing Room" but is sounds more like clothes.
I have thought of "Karens Recreations" - not very inspiring.

So help me please. I want something that reflects the recycling, upcycling eco aspect as well as design and making craft and patterns.

Other names I like which are used by other businesses - Sewn New - Piece (for creative minds)  = see the play on words etc. Mine is a lot of sewing and stitching work but not all, I recover some furniture etc.

So help me please

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  1. What about 'Bits and Pieces' or 'One stitch at a time' or 'Karen Kreates' why don't you ask Stef for input Marketing was her forte.


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