Saturday, December 3, 2011

Kids Crafty in Dunedin

Ruth by the worst ever public sculpture

Alice and Eli working hard at their craft

My wool pincushion
Two weekends ago we went to Dunedin for a long weekend. Alice had learnt how to do crochet peggy squares so I was asked to bring all my remnant wool for her. Ruth got me inspired to do a wool pincushion. Using scraps from old jackets, some thread and collected buttons. Eli decided he should start stitching so he diligently started embroidering in a straight line on wool. He worked very hard at it. Ruth and I went to the worst craft show I have ever been too. Made us laugh. On the way home walking around the harbour we came to the worst ever Public sculpture. I said "it looks like teeth". Apparently it was meant to look like rotting teeth - the artist was inspired by teeth decay!!! Goodness me

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