Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A virtuous day

cooking the curd
Well I have managed to get a lot done today. Apart from going to work I have been occupied in the kitchen.

This morning before work I started making a pasta sauce with a box of tomatoes that were seconds at the green grocers. I use Jamie Oliver's standard tomato pasta recipe, it is a staple in my freezer. ( It was one recipe that was in the original Naked Chef series) So we had that for dinner and I froze one lot.

I made "citrus slice" as I needed something for lunch boxes. I am trying to be healthier so I pulled a bag of frozen chickpeas that I had precooked and then frozen in portion lots. I made humus - page 91 of the Moosewood Coookbook. Yum. Jakob and Aaron have that for their packed lunches tomorrow with carrot sticks to use as scoops.
straining the whey from the cheese
Then I tried Donna Hay's recipe, from her current magazine, for making ricotta cheese. It worked really well, though is no cheaper than buying it ready made. One of the bonus's is the whey acts like buttermilk and therefore will be fantastic for using to make pikelet, pancakes and muffins. The one thing that annoyed me about her recipe was that you threw they whey out! What a waste!! So if you combined the cost of ricotta and buttermilk then it would be cheaper to produce.
I think I will make spinakopita pie with it. I have lots of feta cheese at the moment. YUMMY.

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