Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Wool blanket dyeing day.

Having finished work and with a few weeks before study started, I set out for a day of craft fun. I went to Hanmer Springs and had a day with Jane from Stash Palace. I wanted to learn how to dye wool blankets. Wow did it make a mess, but what an exciting process it was. Watching blankets turn into gorgeous coloured felted wool was just inspirational. 
wool blanket dyeing
This is the blankets drying all around the Stash Palace studio. Jane has a special room all set up for the dye splatter which makes it fun being creative without having to worry about staining the carpet, the walls etc.
All the gorgeous pieces. I dyed the equivalent of about three blankets and got half of them dry in the day.

The trip up to Hanmer Springs was slow. I traveled behind a 3 bedroom house being relocated to Waiau for temporary housing, post the earthquake. 
A random photo of a river walk we did after church recently. Gorgeous winter day.


  1. The dyed blankets do look gorgeous! I also like the new look of your blog!

    1. Thanks Tiina. The blog layout is sometimes difficult with photos. A bit of a work in progress.

  2. Sounds like a fun way to spend the day.....the colours of your blankets look great!

  3. Gorgeous colours for your blankets. What blog layout are you using, I have been contemplating changing mine too. No blog button yet for Sew, Stitch, Snap SHARE, not sure if I'm technologically literate enough to make one either.

  4. Wholesale Wool Blankets
    Beautiful blanket! And I agree that you'll probably use it more than a wool sweater. But now I totally want a wool sweater. And some of that awesome wool you refer to!

  5. These are awesome beautiful 3. thick wool blanket .i like is very help full for us.


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