Sunday, June 4, 2017

Upcycled cot mattress, now a bench seat

Bench seat from recycled materials
Woo Hoo - Thrilled with the finished project.
Quite a while ago I made a seat from a bed head and end. But I just had a pile of cushions on it for comfort.
At the Op Shop (Thrift store) I found a really good condition, thick foam cot mattress. I could immediately see that this would work as a cushion for the seat I made, with a new cover.
bench seat from upcycled materials
About 20cm had to be cut off the end to make it fit. Then as per usual, I procrastinated about recovering it. No reason as I knew I would make a patchwork cover using all the furnishing fabric scraps I had.
So it sat looking like this for ages.
The finished cover.

Just a little bit of sewing required (well it took me about two hours all up) to make the patchwork top and then turn it into a box cover. It is removeable so I can wash it. The underside is just one material - an old Laura Ashley furnishing fabric that I picked up from somewhere.
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This uses the scraps from other projects like my hall seat and my ironing board cover. This did not use all the fabric ends I had in furnishing weight. So need to think of another project!!


  1. I love your bench seat, such a pretty way to use up fabrics! Thanks for linking up to 'sew stitch snap SHARE'

  2. Why do we procrastinate? I do - all the time, and for no good reason... LOL!!! A great way to use up fabric scraps, Karen.


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