Friday, June 23, 2017

Strip patchwork quilt top finished

I finally added a few more strips to make this new patchwork big enough for a single bed. I have the batting purchased and now just need to sandwich it together. This will be another quilt for the orphanage - Hope Homes International.
charity quilt
This quilt has now emptied one of my scrap bags, finally!! The bag was for strips of material only and now, with three quilts for the orphans, it is finished. I love being able to say that!
When I was out and about recently I found these gorgeous leather pieces at the dump shop. Exciting things to make with these. Am already channeling the thought of leather and wool! 
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  1. Way to go. Way to tame those scraps! Wish I had that motivation! Someday...

  2. Another quilt done another lot of scraps busted!

  3. I would love to have a go at quilting! It is on my to do list at some point.

  4. Congrats! on using the last of that bag of scraps. Fun pattern, too!!


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