Monday, February 27, 2017

One quilt leads to another...

In my last post I showed a scrap quilt made of my big bag of strips. Thrilled that the patchwork was finished, I completed a blog post. The next day I found a pile more strips from that same scrap bag that in my sorting I had put elsewhere.
scrap patchwork
So all inspired, I thought I should crack on and get all the scraps used. 
I sewed them as before but into a long oblong that when folded in half created two squares. Then I put the squares right side together,. sewed it as though I was doing half square triangles.  
And I got it wrong!!! I wanted the stripes going the opposite way. 
So a bit of unpicking and some resewing and I ended up with a different pattern.
I had seen this on someone else's blog but can't remember whose. If I find it then I will add the details to this post. 
never ending strip quilt
In the spirit of using every single one of my scrap strips I then sewed the remainder around as borders. It still needs to be a little bit bigger. So as I cut things wrong in the next few months I will add them on to finish the quilt. So another quilt for Hope Homes International. And a finish enough that this can go into the cupboard until later.

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  1. Just made some of these blocks today - found it on the Quilting Board. She posted the name of the pattern as Sonja's Windows. Spring 2009 America Loves Scrap Quilts seems to be where it was published.

    1. Thanks so much for that Carol. I had a look and it sort of is what I did but not really. The video or tutorial I saw was really large and sewing it together like a windmill like this. But a good start and has me cruising the net looking for the right reference

  2. wow, I really like your quilt .. what are the measurements ... please
    I dream of someday making a quilt .. you are inspirational to me ... thank you

    1. Hi Helen, I just winged it. No measurements to give except where it has ended up now. Sorry did not even think of that when sewing all the strips together.

  3. Great charity quilt design, I love it! Just wanted to invite you to link up any charity sewing related posts to Sew Some Love :)

  4. Pretty! I think the place you saw that big strippy block was on Sarah's Confessions of a Fabric Addict blog. It looks like this one: Of course, she saw it on facebook, so maybe you saw it there, too! It's a cool block and now I want to make one :)

  5. So pretty! You know, these types of quilts always remind me of my scrappy crocheted afghans....they are like a trip down memory lane! Thank you for sharing! Visiting you from Oh Scrap at Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework!


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